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Local Physiotherapy Services (28 Sept 2022)

If you are suffering from:

  • Back (sciatica) / neck / shoulder / knee / ankle / elbow / wrist pain
  • Muscle injuries / strains / sprains / tears
  • Arthritis
  • After surgery e.g. knee/hip replacement, shoulder surgery, postnatal problems
  • Sports injuries

A physiotherapist can help to assess and manage your condition without the need to see a GP first.   

There are three ways to access a physiotherapist

  • At Chatfield Health Care you have access to a First Contact Physiotherapy service, in conjunction with Wandsworth Primary Care Network (PCN).
  • Advanced physiotherapists can provide an expert assessment of your case and go on to offer advice on exercise, referral onto more regular physiotherapy (at St John's Therapy Centre/ St. George's University Hospital), scanning or referral onto specialists (Orthopaedics etc).

  • The getUBetter app is provided for patients registered at Chatfield Health Care .  Please click here to access it directly on your phone or webpage.

COVID-19 Autumn Booster Clinics (15 Sept 2022)

We are pleased to be running Covid-19 Autumn Booster clinics at Chatfield Health Care for our elderly, most vulnerable and immunosuppressed patients via Wandsworth PCN.

We will initially be offering the Autumn Booster to all our patients aged 75 or over and Health & Social Care staff.

Our first two clinics will be held on Saturday 17 September 2022 and Saturday 1 October 2022 from 9am - 4pm, and every Saturday fortnight until further notice.

If you have not been able to book an appointment via the practice you will be able to walk-in between 3:30pm - 4:30pm from Saturday 15 October 2022

Jersey launches autumn Covid booster scheme - BBC News

Bowel Cancer Screening (12 Sept 2022)

Your next poo could save your life

We are supporting a London-wide campaign to encourage more patients to do their free NHS bowel cancer screening home test, which checks if you could have bowel cancer.

People who are the right age are sent a free NHS FIT (Faecal Immunochemical Test) kit every two years. You use it to collect a small sample of poo and post it back to an NHS lab.

The campaign by NHS London, “Your next poo could save your life”, urges more people to use their kit – a message we wholeheartedly endorse.

Screening can help prevent bowel cancer and find it at an early stage when it’s easier to treat. People who complete their screening are 25% less likely to die of bowel cancer.

The kits are for people with no symptoms and most people get the all-clear.

If you are aged 56, 58 (on or after 16 May 2022) or 60 to 74 and we have your correct address, you will be sent a kit every 2 years. Please use it.

By April 2025, bowel cancer screening kits will be for everyone aged 50 to 74 in England.

To find out more and hear from other Londoners about their experience of bowel cancer screening, visit If you have symptoms of bowel cancer which last for three weeks or more, please contact the practice and ask for an appointment.

London Polio Immunisation Campaign (22 August 2022)

Protect your child from polio

Children aged 1 to 9 years old in London are being offered a dose of polio vaccine. For some children this may be an extra does on top of their routine vaccinations. In other children it may bring them up to date with their routine vaccinations.

There are signs the virus may be spreading in London and the number of children vaccinated in London is lower than it should be. Boosting immunity in children should help protect them and reduce the risk of the virus continuing to spread.

If your child is eligible for an extra dose, the NHS will contact you to ask you to book an appointment for the vaccine.  

For further information on the Polio Booster programme please visit the NHS SWL Polio Vaccination page, which includes a link to the UK Health Security Agency information leaflet for parents and NHS SWLs frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the polio vaccination programme for children in South West London.

Face Covering Update (8 June 2022)

In line with new NHS guidelines released this week, patients visiting the surgery are not required to wear a face covering unless they have respiratory symptoms.

Respiratory symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • a cough
  • sneezing
  • a blocked/runny nose
  • a sore throat

Patients who would prefer to wear a face covering can continue to do so.

Our clinical staff will continue to wear the relevant PPE during patient consultations / treatments. Our non-clinical will only wear face covering in clinical areas or if that is their own personal preference.

Cervical Screening Awareness Week (20 June - 26 June 2022)

Cervical Screening Awareness Week

This week is important. It’s Cervical Screening Awareness Week 2022 (20-26 June)

We’re supporting Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust because we want you to have all the facts about this potentially life-saving test.

Did you know almost one in three women and people with a cervix don’t take up their invite? We want to change that, and you can help!

It’s simple, share your tips, experiences and help break down some of the confusion and anxiety that exists around the test.

Find out more: Screening Awareness Week

What is cervical screening?

Cervical screening is a free health test available on the NHS as part of the national cervical screening programme. It helps prevent cervical cancer by checking for a virus called high-risk HPV and cervical cell changes. It is not a test for cancer. 

It is your choice whether to go for cervical screening. We hope this information helps you make the best decision for you and your health.

If you have symptoms, contact your GP surgery about having an examination. Cervical screening is not for people who have symptoms. 

Who is invited for cervical screening?

You should be invited for cervical screening if you have a cervix. Women are usually born with a cervix. Trans men, non-binary and intersex people may also have one.

In the UK, you are automatically invited for cervical screening if you are:

  • between the ages of 25 to 64
  • registered as female with a GP surgery.

You may get your first invite up to 6 months before you turn 25. You can book an appointment as soon as you get the invite.

How often will I be invited for cervical screening?

Your cervical screening result will help decide when you are next invited for cervical screening. 

You may be invited:

  • every year
  • every 3 years
  • every 5 years
  • straight to colposcopy for more tests.

For more information visit the following pages in the Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust website: 

About Cervical Screening

What happens at cervical screening?

Cervical Screening Tips

Cervical Screening for those with a learning disability

Cervical Screening results

Cervical Screening after sexual violence

Cervical screening for trans men and/or non-binary people

We are a Veteran Friendly GP Practice (29 June 2022)

We are proud to be an accredited Veteran Friendly GP Practice and to support our veteran community.

We have run 2 Veteran Friendly clinics in Wandsworth PCN, most recently at Chatfield Health Care on Armed Forces Day Sat 25 June 2022.

Have you ever worked for the British Armed Forces? Over 1,400 GP practices are now accredited as a #VeteranFriendlyGP – we’re one of them. Our team is trained to support veteran patients. Find out more at
Armed Forces veteran friendly Certificate of Accreditation

As a Veteran Friendly GP Practice we:

  • Have a clinical lead for veteran health through Wandsworth Primary Care Network, Dr Shane Barker, who is supported by Chatfield Health Care to improve
    veteran health services.
  • Ask patients ‘Have you served in the Armed Forces?’ to help identify veteran patients
  • Support veteran patients to access dedicated health services
  • Undertake regular training and development to meet the health commitments of the Armed Forces Covenant and better understand the needs of veteran patients

If you are serving or have previously served in the British Armed Forces, please let us know so that we understand your health needs. Contact us via email on

If you are a new patient please inform us when submitting your new registration form.

More than 1,400 practices are now veteran friendly accredited and a University of Chester study revealed that 99% of accredited practices would recommend the accreditation. To find out more about the Veteran Friendly Practices accreditation scheme, visit

The Veteran Friendly Practices accreditation scheme is run by the Royal College of General Practitioners in partnership with NHS England.

RCGP Veteran Friendly Practice

Mental Health Awareness Week (9 May - 15 May 2022)

Mental Health Awareness Week

The theme this year is loneliness. Feeling lonely is something we can all experience at any point in our lives. It can make us feel isolated and have a negative impact on our wellbeing.

There are lots of simple things you can do to lift someone out of loneliness and in doing so, it might help you to feel less lonely too.

There are little things we can all do to help look after our mental health. Explore the Every Mind Matters website & take the Your Mind Plan quiz to get a personalised mental health action plan with practical tips.

If you are struggling with your mental health, support from a therapist can help you recover and enjoy your life again. Sign up for support via your local NHS Trust at or on 020 3513 6264 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) or book online treatment directly at

This service is for adults aged 18 and over, living in Wandsworth or registered with a Wandsworth GP. It provides support to anyone who has a mental health or well-being need, whether this is due to emotional difficulties or life stressors.

mental Health Awareness Week 2

For extra support with emotional wellbeing and mental health concerns for children and young people in Wandsworth Kooth's online counselling service is available - see Wandsworth Online Services page

South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust have also commissioned two Recovery Cafes for residents in South West London.

They offer safe, inclusive and welcoming spaces for people who are struggling to cope with their mental health during the evening and weekends when other services may be closed.

The aim is to support people to reduce their immediate crisis and anxiety, and to safety plan, drawing on strengths, resilience and coping mechanisms to reduce the need to use
crisis services in the future.

For more information read this leaflet: South West London Recovery Cafes

Recruiting to our new Practice Patient Participation Group (25 April 2022)

Patient Participation Group

Are you interested in finding out more about your Surgery?

Would you like to influence the development of local health services?

We are keen to set up a patient participation group, so come along and meet us!

If you would like to come to the meeting, or if you would like to find out more about this or the primary care network (PCN) please contact:

Mrs Renata Johnstone

Practice Manager at Chatfield Health Care & Wandsworth PCN Operations Director

Have your say - join our Patient Group

GP Online Consultation Service (July 2021, updated Feb 2022)

We have been looking at how we can improve access to Practice services; Footfall is our new online triage service, which you can find here. Through FootFall you can access advice and message our medical and/or management / administration teams online. This is part of a pilot programme led by South West London CCG as part of NHS Digital's Digital First national programme, for which Wandsworth Primary Care Network is an early adopter.

To obtain an appointment, for example, you should go to the Administration or Medical Advice rooms and Get Help from the Practice form. At the end of the form it will ask you to prioritise your problem timewise, i.e. 1) within a few hours; 2) today; 3) tomorrow at the latest; 4) it can wait a few days. The form will be triaged by a team at the surgery who will either get back to you with advice and/or an appointment, albeit a telephone, video or online consultation, or a face to face appointment at the practice.

For those of you that are not familiar with computers, you can still ring the surgery and a member of the team can complete the online form on your behalf. This will ensure that everyone goes through the same triage process. 


General Practice Data for Planning and Research (June 2021)

Chatfield Health Care is supporting vital health and care planning and research by sharing your data with NHS Digital. For more information about this see the GP Practice Privacy Notice for General Practice Data for Planning and Research.

You can access our Privacy Notice here

What is the change?

It is important to note that patient data from GP surgeries is already collected (where a patient has not opted-out) via the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES). This has been running for over 10 years , currently undertaking over 350 extracts each year. In 2014, a National Audit Office review of GPES found that the service was inefficient and costly but fulfilled a neccessary requirement and should be replaced and improved. The General Practice Data for Planning and Research data collection will replace GPES.

What is secondary use of data?

Secondary use of data is where data is used for the purposes of planning and research for a cohort of patients and does not affect an individual's direct care.

To give context, this usage has supported the NHS COVID-19 response in the creation of vaccination at pace and to undertake vital research, to enable organisations to plan their local responses, e.g. targeting specific communities that were more likely to be adversely affected by the pandemic.

What is opt-out?

The national data opt-out is a service that allows patients to opt-out of their confidential patient information being used for research and planning.

Type 1 opt-out: prevents information being shared outside of Chatfield Health Care for purposes other that direct care Once the completed form has been receieved we will add the relevant type 1 opt out code to your medical record. We will also inform you when we have done so.

Type 1 Opt-out Form

National data opt-out: a service that allows patients to opt-out of their patient data being used for research and planning.

Find out more in formation by visiting If you wish to stop NHS Digital using any historical confidential patient information about you being used for research and planning you must also make your choice online here or via the following form:

National Data Opt-out Form

New Staff - Improving Patient Access (updated June 2022)

At Chatfield Health Care we are committed to improving patient access and have listened to patient feedback.

We are therefore delighted to welcome the following new staff to our team to help "improve the health and well-being of those we care for":

Paramedic Pratitioner

  • Theresa Murphy - our 2nd paramedic employed by Wandsworth PCN (June 2022)

Clinical Pharmacists

  • We are currently recruiting to a vacant clinical pharmacist post as well as advertising for 3 new pharmacy technicians - to be employed by Wandsworth PCN.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) - General Practice Privacy Notice added to website

Practice statement about the information we hold about our patients and who we share information with

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) - Connecting Your Care Privacy Notice added to website

Practice statement about the information we hold about our patients and who we share information with in relation to the 'Connecting Your Care' programme

Connecting Your Care Information - Connecting Your Care Information added to website

Connecting Your Care Information and Poster (South West London Health & Care Partnership)

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) - You & Type 2 Privacy Notice added to website

Practice statement about the information that will be held of our patients and who are given access to the You & Type 2 app

Wandsworth - Self-management app (updated 4 Sept 2020)

Click to self-refer Please click on the image (above) and select which condition you would like access to e.g. Wandsworth - Lower Back Pain, Wandsworth - Back and leg pain, Wandsworth - Neck Pain, Wandsworth - Knee Pain, Wandsworth - Shoulder Pain, Wandsworth - Lower Limb Injury, Wandsworth - Ankle Pain, Wandsworth - Hip Pain, Wandsworth - Women's Pelvic Floor Health.

We will send you an email with all the information on how to get started.

The App is provided free as part of your care in Wandsworth - Chatfield Health Care

It will provide you with:

1. Easily accessible, targeted and personalised self-management information to help you day by day, and step by step

2. Exercises based on your stage of recovery

3. Direct booking of local treatments such as physiotherapy and well-being services within Wandsworth - Chatfield Health Care

4. Reassurance and support to self-manage”

Get U Better


The App is provided free as part of your care in Wandsworth and will provide you with:

  • Easily accessible, targeted and personalised self-management information to help you day by day, and step by step
  • Exercises based on your stage of recovery
  • Direct booking of local treatments such as physiotherapy and well-being services within Wandsworth
  • Reassurance and support to self-manage

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